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Written by: Craig D. Sallie Sr. (My daddy) 


Faithandfitness2.0 is a subsidiary company of Power Vision Ministry founded, operated, and owned by Sadderika. Born and raised in Mississippi, overachieving throughout school, Sadderika was always destined for greatness in whatever she aspired to do. First & foremost, Sadderika grew up and remain a woman of God on fire, disciplined (Bible College graduate in Biblical Studies), and consecrated to the ministry of God through world evangelism by way of: Gospel Singing, Hosting Bible Studies via Podcast/Zoom Chat, Author of Christian devotional book, Mentoring youth, and Ministering through Physical Workout Training/Programs & Nutritional Research, while Branding her own merchandise [clothing, accessories, & Bible study stationary & material]. Over time in college taking physical fitness classes, research of her own, and networking with others in the same field, Sadderika's passion for physical fitness & health increased. While maintaining schoolwork, a job, and other responsibilities of life, she managed to turn her passion from only assisting people in the gym to building her own fitness empire. Sadderika is a very charismatic person with great character and good energy. She has the heart of Christ, therefore she naturally cares for people and in her work, helping others, Sadderika does it as she's personally working for God. In that fashion, spirit, and attitude, you always get superb quality in all of her services rendered. Faithandfitness2.0 is more than a business, it's becoming a movement that's an everyday life dynamic. The 2.0 part of the title represents the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the past (trials & errors) that made her who she is today. It represents the purging process that relinquished all the dross and now brandishing herself as pure gold. As the diamond develops in the rough, after enduring pressure and transforming into a crystalline carbon that's the hardest mineral known to man, Sadderika is now pure and brilliant, tried and true. 2.0 is her new and Divinely developed chapter.

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